About Us


We specialize in manufacturing surgical, dental, podiatric, trauma and surgical implants, fulfilling all requirements of ISO, EC MARK, cGMP (FDA) and UKAS USA.

All our products are manufactured with the highest range of raw materials, by a team of qualified professionals with long experience in the sector.

Our objectives are clear and concise:


  • Develop new technology and manufacture innovative products.
  • Provide professional simplicity and precision in surgical procedures, helping to save valuable time better.
  • Maintain a quality / unbeatable price.
  • And, most importantly, work tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, with the goal of maintaining and enhancing their trust in us.




Yousfi’s is a company dedicated to the hospital sector since 1981.

We manufacture instruments of the highest quality with the best prices for 28 years, what has made us a leading company in the healthcare sector. We offer a comprehensive service providing solutions with the most advanced technology, based on our long experience and expert knowledge of the most qualified technicians. In our Research and Development center we perform, day after day, the development of innovative products backed by the most pioneering technology. Thus we have ensured that the hospital sector leading companies have trusted our articles from the last three decades.

Our philosophy is to offer the best quality at the best prices, developing innovative products that meet the needs of professionals in the international health sector. We are proud to manufacture not only for end users but also for major brands of international fame.

We work with great rigor, experience, expertise and enthusiasm, which is the raison d’être of our business. From here, we want to thank especially all companies that put their trust in us throughout this time have made possible our expansion and improvement of our services.